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Kern + Flourish

I have been dreaming of opening a print shop for over five years. During those five years, I have worked (and still work) as a web designer. There is something so raw and real about paper and the creative process of getting messy, painting, lettering, etc. that I am drawn to. The past six months, things have really fallen into place for me in order to move forward with opening shop. The launch date for the shop is August 20th. A 27th birthday present to myself. My project will be branding Kern + Flourish in an effort to "do things right" and give myself the greatest possible chance to succeed at a dream that is near and dear to my heart. 

Creative Brief: 

  1. Background Summary – Kern + Flourish is a young high-quality, classy and charming fine-art print company that specializes in all things bright and beautiful. Kern + Flourish is an unknown brand in the industry that needs to stand apart from the competition to gain recognition.
  2. Overview – To create an easily identifiable brand that reflects the artist’s personality and mission, while distinguishing it from the competition and giving the appearance that the company is more established than its young age.
  3. Target Audience – Women aged 25-40 who appreciate the simple beauties of life, a homemade touch, + who seek to create uplifting spaces full of genuine love.
  4. Message – Kern + Flourish provides high-quality art that celebrates the bright magic in the everyday occurrences and the quiet serenity and encouragement that simultaneously occupies your favorite spaces.
  5. Competitors – Many Etsy shops and other print shops. Since K+F will be shipping nationwide, there are many competitors, but no one specific..
  6. Distinguishing Characteristics
    1. A hand-crafted multi-layered approach to print making.
    2. High-quality papers, foils, and designs.
    3. Hand-lettering and hand-painting.
    4. Clever combinations of elements to communicate emotion in the simplest, primal level.
  7. Creative Considerations
    1. Clean lines, perfect spacing
    2. Neutral palette, feminine sway
    3. Potentially include tagline “All things bright and beautiful”
  8. Tone -- Warm, Free, Feminine, Classic, Sophisticated 

Mood Board:

Color Scheme:

I'm not in love with it. I know I want a mainly neutral scheme so the photographs and artwork shine especially on the website, but I want a touch of femininity. I like these tones, but I don't want to put myself in a box. Many of my prints use gold foil, so I have considered including gold foil in the color scheme, but I really don't want "digital" foil on my website to look cheap/corny. I want my business cards to have a gold foil accent on them as well. (A variety of shapes/patterns/accents on different cards in gold with the same standard logo/information in a deep charcoal grey.) Perhaps the pink will bring attention to the watercolor portions of my brand. Frustrating...


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