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This is my final vectorized version, just a few small adjustments to spacing and appearance.


My vectorized art. Any comments will be welcomed. Does the st need to connect as in my final pencil? I hoped the flourish coming off the bottom of the t might be enough to tie it to the word.


Final pencil, still needs a little refinement around the st but I think I can resolve this in the final digitizing. Added a flourish connecting the last t and the K. I think the stroke endings need to be a little bit softer, more rounded and need to pay attention to the baseline of the lowercase -- the e and s in particular. Kenthurst is the name of my suburb, semi-rural Sydney, I think the style reflects of the socio-economics of the district. I plan to make a sign of this for my front driveway and mount it on a pillar.


I must have used this method a thousand times in the past, there is no substitute for a spontaneous freehand sketch as basis for this kind of lettering. Every time I've tried to create lettering at a computer keyboard it has resulted in a forced look -- not friendly and free like freehand calligraphy. 

I'll keep working on this, perhaps open the spacing a little and work up the flourishes a bit better.





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