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Kenji Enos

Graphic Designer




Hand-Drawn font sketch

Finished getting the letters into fontlabstudio now need to test the letters out.

Vectored version

Ruff Draft version

Letters from the original sketches

Punctuation Ruff version

Uppercase Ruff version

Lowercase Ruff version

Numbers Ruff version

Numbers and punctuations Clean version

Worked on the upper and lowercase letters in illustrator and cleaned up the letters. I've desided to have 3 different versions: a very clean one, a sketchy one and one a really ruff one based on the original sketches.

Uppercase Clean version

Lowercase Clean version


Finished workin on the last of the punctuations, now to get ready to vectorize them. Thinking of having 2 or 3 different versions of this typeface: Clean, sketchy and draft. I'll think about it over the weekend and figure out what to do, hopfully by monday.

Started work on some punctuations hope to finish up schetches by the end of this week.

Fixed and updated some letters:

C, D, G, M, O, Q

Fixed and updated some letters:

b, c, d, e, h, o, p, q

Fixed and updated some letters:

v, w


Finished working on the numbers, Now I have to work on the punctuations 


Finished working on lowercase letters. Now to work on some numbers.

Start working on lowercase letters.


Finished up the rest of the uppercase letters. Now to start working on lowercase letters.


Worked on some letters today. I'll finish up the rest of the uppercase letters this week. Then start on the lowercases after that.

Quick Shape Sketches

My messy Desk at work

I get a lot of creative ideas while im at work. It's a very weird and creative place.


Some of the book I look at when im creating type or I get stuck on a tricky letter.


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