Kenjiboy - student project

Hand-Drawn font sketch

Finished getting the letters into fontlabstudio now need to test the letters out.

Kenjiboy - image 1 - student project

Vectored version

Ruff Draft version

Letters from the original sketches

Kenjiboy - image 2 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 3 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 4 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 5 - student project

Punctuation Ruff version

Kenjiboy - image 6 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 7 - student project

Uppercase Ruff version

Kenjiboy - image 8 - student project

Lowercase Ruff version

Kenjiboy - image 9 - student project

Numbers Ruff version

Kenjiboy - image 10 - student project

Numbers and punctuations Clean version

Kenjiboy - image 11 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 12 - student project

Worked on the upper and lowercase letters in illustrator and cleaned up the letters. I've desided to have 3 different versions: a very clean one, a sketchy one and one a really ruff one based on the original sketches.

Uppercase Clean version

Kenjiboy - image 13 - student project

Lowercase Clean version

Kenjiboy - image 14 - student project


Finished workin on the last of the punctuations, now to get ready to vectorize them. Thinking of having 2 or 3 different versions of this typeface: Clean, sketchy and draft. I'll think about it over the weekend and figure out what to do, hopfully by monday.Kenjiboy - image 15 - student project

Started work on some punctuations hope to finish up schetches by the end of this week.

Kenjiboy - image 16 - student project

Fixed and updated some letters:

C, D, G, M, O, Q

Kenjiboy - image 17 - student project

Fixed and updated some letters:

b, c, d, e, h, o, p, q

Kenjiboy - image 18 - student project

Fixed and updated some letters:

v, w

Kenjiboy - image 19 - student project


Finished working on the numbers, Now I have to work on the punctuations 

Kenjiboy - image 20 - student project


Finished working on lowercase letters. Now to work on some numbers.

Kenjiboy - image 21 - student project

Start working on lowercase letters.

Kenjiboy - image 22 - student project


Finished up the rest of the uppercase letters. Now to start working on lowercase letters.

Kenjiboy - image 23 - student project


Worked on some letters today. I'll finish up the rest of the uppercase letters this week. Then start on the lowercases after that.

Kenjiboy - image 24 - student project

Quick Shape Sketches

Kenjiboy - image 25 - student projectKenjiboy - image 26 - student projectKenjiboy - image 27 - student project

My messy Desk at work

I get a lot of creative ideas while im at work. It's a very weird and creative place.

Kenjiboy - image 28 - student project


Some of the book I look at when im creating type or I get stuck on a tricky letter.

Kenjiboy - image 29 - student project

Kenjiboy - image 30 - student project

Kenji Enos
Graphic Designer