Kendrick Lamar Gig Poster

Final Design

So here it is, my final design.

I ultimately wish that I had endless time to work on this, but under the circumstances, I'm pleased with the final result.

On a side note, the car was inspired by DKNG's San Franciso car print.

I ended up going with my hometown of El Paso, TX  as the host city, and my birthday for the date. The moon was added to represent the huge moon that is indicative of El Paso skies. 

Another idea that had during this process was, maybe having the lowrider and type be the static elements in a series of tour posters. The background could have a landscape that represents the city hosting the show. Just an idea.

Any and all feedback is much appreciated. Thank you for looking.

If you wish to take a closer look, this poster should be posted here http://class-posters.tumblr.com/ , amongst amazing posters.

Moving Along

Don't mind the colors or the rough lines. This is more for composition, than anything else.


Screenshot of my progress. 

My Process 

I created a grid in illustrator and have been working with a lightbox to get it close to where I want it before  bringing it back into the computer. This will be my final sketch. Computer time. 

Sorry about the photos. My scanner is broken.

My Thinking Behind the Project

Kendrick Lamar put out my favorite album of last year and I thought it be cool to pay homage to it by creating a gig poster for the young MC's show.

My approach will be heavily based on typography, but I would like to incorporate some illustration as well. I don't want to take the gangster aesthetic literally, but I certainly will reference it. I will also be designing for the size of 24"x18". The reason for this is, this size can accomdate the profile of a lowrider and huge type.


In my research, I found a photo of Kendrick in a Lowrider. I immediately was drawn to it becasue in my youth, I grew up in El Paso, Texas and Lowrider culture was alive and well. Plus, there's a lot I can do with respect to the color palette and the cars paint job.

I like the simplicity of these 2 thumbs, and the big type.

This one is a different concept. What I like about this thumb is the perspective and the posibility of playing with opacity and any distortion that may occur through the 40oz. bottle. This is trying to literally capture the streets of what Kendrick Lamar describes as streets filled with mischief.

Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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