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Kelly's [ Enter ] (on video 4)

According to the quiz, I am a Rebel and Obliger. 

Here are the special instructions:

Special instructions: The typical beliefs around habits are so wrong, contrarian thinking can be a huge asset. People describe you as a "free spirit," and envy your spontaneity. Your strengths include forging your own path and thinking outside the box, but often your lack of structure becomes an obstacle to reaching your goals. Pay special attention to:

  • Selecting a target habit that you really believe in, not one you feel is imposed on you in any way (Keystone Habits lesson)
  • Formulating implementation intentions that affirm your independence (Implementation Intentions lesson)
  • Writing closers to counteract the powerful excuses you’re likely to employ (Closers lesson)
  • Choosing an accountability system that takes advantage of your love of proving others wrong (Accountability lesson)

Your sensitivity to external pressure can be turned into an asset - it’s often easier to create external pressure than internal motivation. But be wary of your tendency to treat your personal commitments as optional. Pay special attention to:

  • Designing strong triggers and a supportive environment, as you are likely sensitive to your surroundings (Finding a Trigger and Environment Design lessons)
  • Picking rewards to reinforce making time for yourself (Rewards lesson)
  • Formulating implementation intentions that remind you of your values when others impose theirs (Implementation Intentions lesson)
  • Choosing an accountability system that provides external pressure in a positive direction (Accountability lesson)

Good habits that have worked well in the past:

1. I used to go to bed around 11pm and wake up around 6am every weekday. Lasted for 6 months.

2. I used to write every morning right after I woke up. Lasted for 2 weeks.

3. I used to make my bed every morning until I met Alton.

4. I used to have a very organized room until I met Alton.

5. I used to have Sunday ritual where I would go for a walk, a bike ride, or read a book before heading to the library.

6. Now I floss my teeth every morning after brushing my teeth.

7. I put body lotion on my body after shower.

8. I put facial lotion on my face (3 layers of different products) after washing my face.

9. Now I make smoothie every morning.

10. Now i make 95% of my meals everyday including drinks, patries, and desserts. 

Keystone Habit:

1. do yoga in the morning at my backyard.

2. Journaling 


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