Kelly Toon Doodles

Kelly Toon Doodles - student project

Charles Yang has given so freely of his gift and skills, his understanding, and system of basic principles, that contributes fundamental concepts to any style. Following his prompts is ever-enlightening and enjoyable. I want to attempt each project, to some degree. Charles Yang's classes have helped me reconnect with drawing in a freer or more primitive manner. His material is rich, but well condensed and manageable. Kudos, Chuck!

In order in which they were drawn, here are my first attempts at following the lessons. As follows, 2-Faced Monster, Liquid, Assemblage, Totem 1 and Totem 2. I will update this further as I finish the remaining prompts. Many thanks to Charles Yang.



Kelly Toon Doodles - image 1 - student project


Kelly Toon Doodles - image 2 - student project

Kelly Toon Doodles - image 3 - student project

Ear, Butterfly, Noodle

Kelly Toon Doodles - image 4 - student project

Kelly Toon Doodles - image 5 - student project


Thank you for viewing, and I appreciate your feedback and support. Happy doodling!


Kelly Toon