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Keeping the promise for PoP

Hey, terribly sorry I'm so terribly late. I'll be infinitely grateful to you guys, and Mark, if you could take a minute to look at this and share your thoughts.

My top ideas are:

(if asked to pick just one, i'd probably go with this first or second one)

1) International Pencil Weekend

There is a cafe in Moscow (and I'm sure elswhere in the world too) where instead of tablecloths there are sheets of paper. And a bunch of pencils is as essential on the table as vinegar and olive oil. 

Most of customers use those pencils to scribble while waiting for the food to arrive, and this is a perfect time to make them think of something we want, cause they are pretty relaxed and bored.

How do we make them donate? Now that's a harder question to answer. My basic thought was to suggest they draw their idea of a perfect school - what it could be like, what should be there, what shouldn't. What advice they'd give to students. What school experience of their own would they like to share, etc.

Then, [before the food arrives] ask them to instagram their drawing and share with friends, with a hashtag that would help group all those works together, and source PoP with ideas. Speaking of donation, on every such tablecloth [and subsequently on every instagram photo] there would be a QR-code that leads to the donate page. + to enable non-mobile donations, every table cloth could have embedded in it a paper you could bring to any bank to donate (whatever it's called in English - invoice/claim check/receipt etc)

+ It would be even more effective if we could pull this off not just at a cafe with paper tablecloths, but if we could have an international Pencils day around the world, and just for one day or one weekend bring this tradition to many places, where it would surprise people, not used to such tablecloths and a chance to draw while waiting for the dish. A perfect breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner extra. A wonderful experience.

2) PoP-up for Keeping Promises

Through a dedicated website/app users can submit promises they want to keep in the near future. Desirably not the 'be kind to people' kind of promises, but more like something you were planning on doing for a long time, but kept putting off, like 'invite your mom for dinner' - a simple promise that nonetheless you don't tend to keep.

Users' promises get 'published' on a special installation. E.g. LED boxes/birdcages, hanging around a park (e.g. Central Park or Gorky Park in Moscow). Passers by are invited to read other people's promises (authored or anonymous), and submit their own.

When a person completes their promise, and submits it on the website, they get directions to the the box where their promise is kept in the park, and has 3 days/a week to open that box and receive a reward - be it a pencil, a coupon, a branded present (depends on sponsors) etc. To open the box, they may have to tweet/share or simply imput a code.

The message of the the campaign suggests: We helped you keep your promise. Please help us keep ours - provide kids from developing countries with new schools and education

3) Engaging the TEDs

TED audience is probably the most responsive demographic for PoP. But TED has no ads. Which means, we need to approach them with something smareter than just ads. Here's what this could be

- adding a feature to the TED website, that makes it easy to take notes while listening to the videos

Of course, we can make notes in the notepad/on a paper/word/pages - anywhere. But that's not convenient. Doing it on the TED website would be a much easier way to keep track of what you've learnt by watching the videos. The notes would be saved right on the website and/or exported to Evernote, so you can easily recap what you've seen and pin down the most important thoughts. E.g. as easy as just copy-pasting them from the subtitles.

The logline and monetisation model is a bit of a problem. The draft message runs like this: Here's what you’ve learnt. Help others learn too. Even just a dollar, donated by each of the millions of TED viewers, could give a kid in a developing country a chance to learn the most essential knowledge, needed to become an equal citizen of the world. Help Pencils for Promise. Help learn.

4) Here's a product idea. Bad Habbits Fighter

Practice shows, the best way to quit a habit is to substitute it with another habit. Bassically, that's what we suggest.

- the app helps you identify your bad habit, be it smoking/junk food/swearing/being late/oversnacking/oversleeping/etc. and fight it by substituting with donation + activity

Whenever you want to do something that you rather wouldn't have done, or you've already done somehting you wish you hadn't - donate. You set the price of your bad habits. And until you seise doing what you wish you hadn't, you have to donate that summ to PoP, or another fund. The app also rewards you by offering perks - e.g. free gaming activities/fun stories from the media/learning activities/etc to substitute your urge for something like a cigarette. It can also store cheer-ups from you friends and display them only in the time of need. It can even grant coupons (provided by PoP or other sponsors, such as Whole Foods or Starbucks of Juiceland - companies with good reputation) for achieving internal goals. Or maybe even something big like an airticket for the biggest achievement.

PS of course, this model (specially involving coupons) invariably involves a great deal of cheating + other 'risks', but it would work for some people and generate buzz for PoP.
PPS it feels like something like this should already exist. But couldn't google up an exact counterpart

5) Other potential target audiences and underdeveloped ideas:

Construction Developers. A PoP school is worth 0,01% if not less of each of developers' construction projects.

Space tourists. Not numerous but understanding and financially capable. Message: Open a new world on planet Earth

The tech community. Is always on the lookout for The Next Big Thing and The Next Big Genius. What if that person would come from one of the PoP schools. Message: Discover the next Mark Zuckerberg/Sergey Brin/Sheryl Sandberg/etc. 

Idea: How to make an airplain/spaceship/constitution out of a pencil? Easy! [A drawing of the airplain by a kid. Then - by a professional.] It all starts with the pencil. Give those kids a pencil and they will give back.


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