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Keeping the chronic ill healthy

Our company, Dignio, have created this service who aims for the most commonly chronic ill. The service will keep them at better health and they will avoid hospitalization. 

Users subscribe to Dignio Daily Checkup and they buy a tablet + a few medical devices. (In the future this will be funded by whoever pays the hospital stays today), which arrive home a few days later. 

A trained nurse from Dignio's contact center will call you to get to know you better, and we will help you get going with the tablet and the medical measurements.You are asked to answer a few questions with "yes" or "no" and perform some vital signs measurements that are relevant to your disease - every day. The results are sent automatically to our contact center, where Dignio's trained nurses follow the results. 

We keep in regular contact with you, and always call you if there is anything of concern in the measurements - or if you don't perform your measurements. Over time you build relationship with the nurses and you make sure you follow procedure. Over time you also notice that you are more stable, and you understand more of what the chronical disease is doing to you - so that you can take som action to avoid getting worse. 

We are doing what the health-apps are trying to do, but we realise that you cannot succeed unless you bring the human element into the loop again. Dignio brings you the contact center staffed with nurses and other medical expertise. 

The concept is tested in Norway and UK, and it works. Watch Robert tell the story here:

Now we want to scale this up. Let greater numbers of chronic ill patients get the benefit!


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