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Keeping the band afloat

The creative method I found most effective for my brain from the lesson was the tactic of "redefining your why" Seeing as the prompt suggests this is an indie band who only just now being invited to festivals, its fair to say this band needs the money. Fan base and the music would ultimately need to come secondary (sorry!) in order for the band to stay afloat keep speading their music and passion. Within the "finianicially motivatied" why there are many more possibilites, options, and questions to answer. 

Option 1: Pick one festival

A) Choose a festival that makes the most finanical sense based on the factors of how much each pays, where the band currently is, and the costs (food, lodging, travel etc) that come with each festival. 

B) Use the choice as leverage between the two festivals, keeping in mind both what they will pay and how they will publize you. If its a close call financially, but one will list you as a headliner, that will ultimately pay off in the long run.

C) In the odd scenario is a very close call financially, put it in the fans hands. Take the opportunity to build your base, grow a relationship, market your popularity, and announce your prediciment by including the fans in the decision. Make it a Twitter/Instagram contest between East and West coast.

Option 2: Doing Both

A) If the band has two singers (not even necessarily lead) split the band up. There is no need to fly with equipment, seeing as either festival should have an overhaul of equipment from other performers. This would work much better if the band is not headlining and is relativley unknown (which seems to be the case).

B) Most festivals do a very high-tech/high-quality stream. Even if the band chooses to perform at ony one they could probably do a private, closed door show, video it, and be included in the other's stream, just for the publicity.

10 min isn't very long!!


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