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Keeping Warm

Well, here's to learning by doing!

This has been a great place to start.

Hope all is well,

-Ralph P.

p.s. oh yea...

 I'm not sure yet if this is a process or an object or a friend.

My muse goes by many names and is often moody and tempermental but always brilliant in its simplicity.

This video will be about a wood saw.

Monday, March 18th:

Why is the wood saw my muse? It is a simple tool. It is responsible for keeping me alive 4 months a year. It asks for nothing but a little oil from time to time.

There is something to the inherent danger in it that is somewhat interesting. Unlike other that can be harmful if misused, it is impossible to misuse a wood saw. A 10 year old could operate it. But you have to teach someone respect for it before they can be old enough to use it.

Names for it:

Wood Saw, cordwood saw, buzz saw,

There is something in the respect given and the wood provided to stay warm (by it) that creates a relationship.

It is not this dramatic, but if you use it right and treat it right you make it thru the winter. If you dont, it can take your arm off (and you wont be needing to stay warm this winter!) (

Ways to treat it

show and tell   by mrspeedshop100

work off of a poem,_Out%E2%80%94 by robertfrost

show a visit to it  but somehow show the ideas of the benefits, the risk, the value, the personality.

It is a little bizzare that the only people in the US that still make a buzz saw in the US are about 15 miles from where the guy who wrote the poem lived.

More later...

Wednesday, March 20th:

For class we need to get to 3 key words, ideas, textures or feelings about the saw.

First - wright things down, then see what sugars off.

"respect given and the wood provided to stay warm creates a relationship. (is like being dependent like team work - doing something good together)

"use it right and move forward, use it wrong and move back" - there is a random rhythm  like playing a board game like shutes and ladders - one, two, three, four - up the ladder... one two three four - slide down the slide...

"A 10 year old could operate it. But you have to teach someone respect for it before they can be old enough to use it." - when you respect somebody you do not ignore them. You always pay attention even when they are talking about boreing stuff for 5 or 6 hrs. Something about this - the need to personify or give the saw "powers" that makes the interaction an ongoing mentally challenging process that competes with the "cut, drop, cut, drop, cut, drop, cut, drop,...

3 key words....

The results of the team work / work is life and luxury, the light from a fire, the heat from a stove: Warmth (affection)

Use of the saw, as in all things, a random rhythm: Rhythm

Respect is sometimes expressed in: Rules (boundaries)

1 idea...

Random rhythm is different than rythm. Rhythm is the beat of a single drum or how that drum changes how other insturuments are playing at the same time. It is by itself or in charge of other things, this is how people think (I think). People think people are different than all the plants and the animals and that we are better than them.

Random Rhythm is what creates life and sustains it. It is the mixture of many similar and competeing rhythms - all of them influencing all of them at the same time. Humans want rhythm, that is why we create ritiuals, that is why we create stories. I think it is important to remember in what we explore not to take ourselves too seriously. That science and art is not necessairly the truth that random rhythm is. To people, science and art and our stories are more important than the truth, They are our creation, our stories. need some aspect of lack of seriousness in the story of my muse to balance the saw story - story.

More later...


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