Lisa Franks-Jansson

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Keeping It Simple


In a nutshell, I have been using Excel for a number of years now in relation to my business dealings, and plan on doing so for the foreseeable future. I have normally operated on a cash-based, single entry system, and have also kept my business spending separate by designating one credit card for all my expenses. Most of my expenses, up to this point, have been for paper and other crafting supplies needed for client projects. Now that I am adding the social media management aspect into my repertoire, we will see how this changes things.

Since becoming "official", I am looking to use Bench's Income Statement Tool to better categorize my expenses, and I already have and use Evernote, so I will start incorporating that as the place to save an e-copy of my receipts (on top of paper ones since that is what my husband prefers). Speaking of my husband, (whom works in Finance) he plans on continuing to do my taxes. Additionally, having tools like Bench and Evernote (I hope) will only make it easier for me to do my bookkeeping regularly, since I can use them virtually anywhere, from any device, at anytime to track what I am doing, instead of waiting until I get home/get on my main computer to record any spending and scanning/storage of corresponding receipt(s).

As for this class: thank for providing me with a better understanding and perspective of how to run my own company after taking the big step forward, and best wishes for success to all of us!


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