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Keepin' It Social!

I think this is one of the main things that will get teachers the following they wish. I am brand new, having JUST posted my first class only 4 days ago - but I can already tell that jumping in and not just getting your feet wet, but REALLY submerging yourself in the community is the key to success here. Unless you are a lucky one that has tens of thousands of fans that will follow you anywhere, that is. In which case - congrats!

As for #4 and 'swaps' I think I've been guilty of that, to a point. I have offered to take a look at other's classes and have posted my class where people have offered the same. However, I actually look at classes, leave thoughtful reviews instead of just 'nice class' with a thumbs up, am working on projects such as this one, and try to offer advice where I can, as well. I hope this takes what I do out of the 'swaps' category. Either way, I will definitely make sure that I am posting something constructive;)

I do see a spike whenever I post pretty much anything, so I do see that being social (not gaming, of course), truly is key here. And I agree this is not a competition - there is so much room for everyone - so support each other!

Thank you for another great class,



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