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Keep your head up, keep your heart strong

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong

01-11-2014, 1:32 PM

I might be a little late in joining the bandwagon but I wanted to make a present for my girlfriend and in the meantime, practice my hand-lettering. For the phrase I used a song by Ben Howard, Keep Your Head Up. It might be a bit overused quote already but the song has a kind of special meaning for us. I also still like the meaning behind it even if it's used a lot already. 

I will start of with brainstorming and search for inspiration, which I will post the process on here the coming days.

Brainstorm & conceptualizing

02-11-2014, 8:11 PM

As promised, here comes the brainstorm I made. I had quite a hard time to make something out of it. I got stuck at a certain moment and listened to the song a couple of times. I tried to think about what the song meant for me and what message I want to convey with the quote, not just what it means right off the bat.

After brainstorming for a little while I came to the path of mountains and deep waters. These are some sort of metaphors for me.

  1. Mountains: No matter how big your problem is, you should keep your strength and keep your head up to overcome it. You will pass over the mountain if you are strong.
  2. Deep waters: Even if you can't see how deep the water is, or what the magnitude of your hardships are. You should stay strong and keep going at it, eventually you will pass it.

I would love some feedback on these two concept/metaphors and see what you think is the best. 

Reference & Inspiration

03-11-2014, 1:39 PM

Hereby I upload my moodboard for the project. I went with the concept of a mountain that is high and hard to pass. I really like the yellow/blac combination with the concept, it just speaks to me in a good way.

As you can see the yellows come back quite a bit. Some of the lettering examples I chose also has a kind of texture that is a bit rough. This would correlate to the concept because it consists of a rough time that you overcome no matter how high the mountain is. I will try and sketch with these moods to get a first draft which I will upload in the coming days.

Warmup & First sketches 

08-11-2014 14:37 PM

A mild delay but I had some struggles finding how to visualize my concept. I hope some of you can give feedback.


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