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Paul Engel




Keep your glory, gold, and glitter

The artist is Madvillan and the song is; "Accordian"

The line to illustrate is; "keep you glory, gold, and glitter"

Here is my thinking map:

I am leaning to more of a literal meaning of the gold and glitter; which is calling for a script or decorative lettering style. 

As I do with most projects, I am adding some thesaurus searches for glory gold and glitter. Also with some initial script lettering.

Mood board #1

  1. Here are some inspirational album covers and movie poster lettering. The top left is another cover of MF Doom; who is half of Madvillan and the emcee whom lyrics I've chosen. 
  2. The two Elvis pics are for the glitter and gold aspect.
  3. The few movie posters are from the seventies and have an esthetic I could apply in either the script lettering with ligatures, or the deep bevel/shadow used in some posters.
  4. The music in my song of choice lead me to some of the letter styles of the 70's which is why Sun Ra and Roberta Flack made the cut. I like the modern look and how it could be applied to my theme. 
  5. The golf leaf lettering snuck its way in via the pink bevel combigned with gold; a gaudy combo –which seems to be often used in the rap worlds album cover lettering.


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