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Keep shooting.

What's happening everyone, 

My name is Pedro, I'm a designer in New York City, and I live in Brooklyn. 

My world changed when I took my first, and only, photo class in college. I studied architecture and really wish I had the time and circulum to take my photo classes, but that one sparked a flame that's still lit 6 years later. During that class, my professor told me something I think about each time I pick up a camera: Keep Shooting.

Here're a couple of shots I feel represent the elements mentioned in this lesson.



This was taken on a train in Nagano. I love the layers, from moutains to the woman with a tresaure map.

Taken in Nagano, Japan with a Lecia M6, with Ilford HP5 Plus film.




My friend James think he fly. This was my first attempt at pushing film. 

Taken in Chicago, Illinois with a Lecia M6 with Portra 400 +1 film.

Vantage Point:


Queens bound F train, full of interesting people as always...  

Taken in New York, New York with a Lecia M6 with Kodax TriX 400 film.



One of my favs, this is when i visted Jigokudani Monkey Park in Japan. V proud of this one. 

Taken near Nagano, Japan with a Mamiya 7II with Porta 400 film.

Huge thanks for taking a look for those who did. This class made me want to sign up for SS, and I'm happy to contribute and meet all of you! 

My instagram is: pmotta


email: [email protected]


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