Vitor Scarpato

A designer trying to learn new things here.



Keep on trying


Doing this class I found out how hard it is to make unfamiliar marks.

Our brain is trained to do the same movement every time.


1- Hashi Sushi
2- Flat Brush
3- Brush Pen
4- Flat "Cheap" Brush
5- Sakura Micron 05
6- Pentel Watercolor Brush
7- Make Up Stuff (I don't know the name, just take it from my girlfriend)
8- Uni Posca

After that, I make some marks in a white paper. Just fast marks, without think. I knew what kind of tools I have to work and what can I do. 



Now it's time to make something with letters. I used tape and collage as a resource.


I don't liked the result. In my opinion there's much of everything. So, I tried something new.


Once again I used collage as a tool to start my creation. I like this technique because I just take a random page from a magazine and start. The ink doesn't worked properly on the photography.

This time I tried to make something using just black ink.



And then, my final work. Inspired by a Bob Dylan's song. You mentioned this sentence in the class.


I'm very happy with the full process and the final result.

I'll keep trying to work in this way.

Thank you very much James!


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