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Keep Up

*Takes out extra large bottle of Advil. Sighs. Grabs two Advils and slugs them back with some water*

As if life isn’t hectic enough. Keeping up with these two is … well … exhausting. Hopefully, 15 seconds of video gives you a glimpse into our world. It’s fun, crazy and everything in between.

*Places an ice pack on lower back while kids jump into lap. Soaks in being a proud father*

Ok, time for some Dora the Explorer.

Instagram video link:

Music credit: My Morning Jacket

Project Specifics:

  • Shot on iPhone 6s
  • Utilized Adobe Clip and iMovie
  • Tried to leveraged expansive opening shot
  • Leveraged Hyperlapse for 2 shots
  • Cross-faded clips
  • The free version of Adobe Clip automatically adds a closing frame with their promotional end-card which added an additional 5 seconds to the video and took away from what I wanted to accomplish. So ... I saved that video down to my phone, then used iMove to remove the end-card from the video and resaved the video (which is what you see on Instagram).
  • Removed all sound from clips
  • I wanted to leverage music from however I had trouble getting the music from there to my phone. Would love some tips on how to make that happen.
  • Tried to leverage relevant Instagram hashtags so that the video can be more easily discovered
  • Could have done a better job using hashtags that spoke to the theme of the video (e.g.: fitness) as opposed to just leveraging "video"-related hashtags
  • Above all ... I had fun. Thanks Cielo for an awesome class!

Please feel free to provide feedback!

Thanks, Dave


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