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Heidi Petersen

Graphic designer. Craftaholic. Vancouver, BC



Keep Rollin' (Tire Guy)

This has been such a fun class! I'm an advanced Illustrator user, but I only get to make single color graphics for output on a vinyl cutter at my job, and this has been a fun excuse to use Illustrator to make something more detailed, colorful and adorable!

I wanted to make something silly for my partner... He has been having a couple of hectic days at his work. He works for a tire and wheel company, so I wanted to incorporate that into my design. Here is the final product:


I'm pretty happy with it, but I'd love to hear any feedback that anyone has about how to make it better! :)

I implemented the feedback that I've gotten on my project and added a few other versions... what do you think?





Here is the link to my moodboard on Pinterest:

I didn't really save my progress as I went, instead I would make copies of pieces and set them to the side before I made changes. So the log of my progress looks a little more like a scene from Frankenstein's laboratory (with my color scheme and reference material squished in)!



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