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Keep Portland Weird!

I have been to the weirdest place in America.

Other than the TV show “Portlandia” on Netflix that me and my wife unapologetically binged, we knew nothing about Portland when we decided to spend her birthday weekend in the magical land of hipster ports.

Now, we can’t wait to go back.

Between the kindest people with tattoos that you’ll ever meet and how serious the baristas are about their coffee, amazing pig out spots — like the tasty fish sauce marinated chicken wings at Pok-Pok, and the ridiculous amount of bicycles in downtown, this hidden city in the green Oregon has become our favorite.

We geeked out in the world’s largest bookstore, rode the buses & trams until all day for only $5, and sat down to people watch at the Farmer’s market. When we were not busy meeting the coolest homeless people, we hilked up waterfalls which were only 25 minutes outside of the city.

The giant sign in the downtown parking lot sums up how to fit in there: Keep Portland Weird! The locals are all about the freedom of expressing themselves, and they are interested in meeting others who could keep their Portland as the weirdest city in America.

If you are weird like us, you’ll definitely fit in. 


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