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Keep On Rolling Under the Stars

December 8

After inking my project the first time, I could see that it was pretty unbalanced and the top 'Keep On' just seemed kind of tacked on. I got advice along those lines and decided to try and tie it in with an existing style. I think it works better and I am looking forward to adding color after the next class.

Thanks so much for all the feedback and encouragement over the course of the project!

December 5

I finally tried inking a version. Happy to have made some progress, although it all feels really heavy now and kind of off balance. And there are definitely some wobbly areas. I am glad to have done the inking though to get a little different perspective on it.

November 22

I tried to tighten up the words vertically in this sketch and clean things up a little. And I lost the sign in the background because I wasn't sure that it added anything and seemed a little like clutter.

I definitely think that 'Keep On' is probably the weakest part, maybe because I tacked it on mid project.

Any ideas or feedback are welcome and appreciated, thanks!

November 20

I changed my phrase a little. I had shortened a quote originally, but decided to add 'Keep On' to the beginning to give the phrase a little more context. 

I also reworked the my sketch to add the new words and try to tie things together a bit more with a little more hierarchy in the words. I did a lot of erasing and redrawing, so it is pretty messy, but I am hoping this puts me on a better track. 

November 18

I did my first bigger sketch based on one of my thumbnails and feedback (thanks, such a big help!)

I did some more exploring with the Rolling lettering. It kind of went in a different direction than I originally had in mind. But the other letters were all a little more simple so I was working on finding some contrast.

I am looking forward to continuing to develop things. I think I need to kind of tie the words together a little more.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

November 15

It was great to get some feedback on my project. Thanks very much! It started me thinking about making sure that the lettering would have a more prominent place in the drawing. Makes sense! So I started thinking a little more about how I was going to draw the letters and scaling some of the signage back a little to a more abstract background. I am still figuring things out but am posting some updates. I am hoping to figure out how to make it interesting but not too busy.

Some updated thumbnail ideas

And some random drawing

November 12

After a little more work, I think I like the thumb on the left, it is closer to the original concept. I am not sure about the weight of all the text - maybe all the words are too close in weight? Don't know, but enjoying figuring it out. 

Working on some rough thumbnails. I think I like the idea of the raised metal type like on a car for Rolling. And Under the Stars in the motel sign. I think I am going to explore the 2nd and 6th thumbnails a little more. 

November 11

Warm up lettering

I chose the phrase 'Rolling Under the Stars' - a snippet from On the Road by Jack Kerouac. The full quote was:

"There was nowhere to go but everywhere,  so just keep on rolling under the stars."

I always loved this book and the sense of adventure and freedom and life that it represented. I wanted to come up with a concept that was based in the 50's when the book was published and celebrate life on the road with vintage cars, old highway hotel signs that have such cool shapes, and 50's inspired shapes like the atomic stars.

The color palette is generally darker with lighter text to go with the idea of driving at night. Possible textures are smoke or leather to give a sense of atmosphere. 

I really like the lettering possibilities from the cars, but also using the hotel signs as the main messaging area. Not sure how that may go.

Thanks for checking it out!



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