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Leanne Rhodes

Graphic Designer



Keep Moving & Never Surrender

A new edition with a limited pallet and new textures.


Some fun with colour!!

UPDATE: 20 December 2013

Feel like I have learnt soo much. Thanks to everyone! 

UPDATE: 12 December 2013

Further development...What do you think? 

UPDATE 5: 9 Dec 2013

Its been a while since my last update but I am pleased to have 3 sketches for this project. The only thing is I am struggling to choose which one to take to my final version. What do you think?

Option 1:

Option 2: * Still need to make some changes to the bottom banner to inlcude it more in the composition

Option 3:

UPDATE 4: 29 Nov 2013

OK, so the first of my sketches has come to life. Think I'll attempt 2 more options before deciding on the final. When I took the photo to upload here I added a filter just for fun and kind of like the colour effect. The banner and star at the bottom we're inspired by medals of honour awarded to soliers and the bi-plane made me think of the early war fighters.


UPDATE 3: 28 Nov 2013

So last night I started with the thumbnail sketches and really had so much fun. The idea of a final product and not just one word is really inspiring. Will tackle the bigger sketches super soon. Which of these below should I develop further?

UPDATE 2: 26 Nov 2013

So I chose the word "moving" and used a variety of styles to represent it.

UPDATE 1: 15 Nov 2013

YAY! So glad I have finally started. 

The phrase I chose is "Keep Moving & Never Surrender". 

I chose this because, not only is it motivational but it forms one of the chapters of a Book I will be designing in the next month. These skills will then be applied to the other chpaters too! 

Its so exciting to combine work and play :) I started my brainstorming and realised I would like to focus on the strength/fighter aspects of this phrase. It reminds me of a coach pep talking his team when they're down, soldiers pushing forward regardless of the odds and even makes me think of the honour and valour of medieval knights. 

So with many directions to move in I finally think the army/military/soldier route will be the most fun. I am also exploring how to portray movement with type. 


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