Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward - student project

Hi everyone! I am a graphic designer looking to strengthen my lettering/illustration skills. I've always been drawn to typography and lettering, but I have never tried hand-lettering before so I thought this class would be a great place to start :) 

The phrase I am lettering is "Keep Moving Forward." These words are dear to my heart, and the phrase is something I remind myself to do when in hard times. Sometimes all we can do is keep moving forward.

This is my rough sketch -- I've drawn the letters thick and not super "scripty"... delicate isn't really my style, and I wanted these words to have a sort of "strength" to them, so I think the shape of the letters work with that.

That being said, I'm open to hearing some feedback! I'm struggling with how to connect more letters together (like in the "g" and "d") and what I should do for some more design elements (flourishes, designs, etc.). I'm looking forward to getting it a bit more "streamlined" and scanned into Illustrator where I can have fun with color and texture. :)Keep Moving Forward - image 1 - student project