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Keep Doing

My quote = "Keep Doing."

I've been weirdly obsessed with this phrase for probably two years now.
It's sort of my motivational mantra when I'm too tired, too lazy, too jealous,too bummed, too whatever - I just look at my desktop screensaver, typed in
bebas neue -- KEEP DOING. 

After brainstorming with my list for a while, I noted a few of my favorite words;
• bright
• progress
• health adverts (i don't actually ever use the word 'adverts', i just really like it)
• foreign
• italy
• '-ing'
• step
• winston churchill

And from that list - I looked into Health Adverts specifcally from the 1920's,
just because.

Found a lot of ridiculous advertisements - but some interesting type, and color palettes.
And a ford ad.

I also searched 'Italy' and 'Italian Type', in my second moodboard, I found some cool italian signs and italian-inspired type.

And also, Winston Churchill. I just figure if I saw that face when I didn't feel like doing
something, that would make me better in any way, I'd get moving. Because you don't want to disappoint winston.

2.1.2014 - Update

My tools:

• field notes pencil
• mechanical pencil
• staedtler pens (0.05 - .8 mm)
• kneaded eraser (cuz I couldn't find another)
• pencil sharpener
• wooden ruler
• field notes coaster (in place of a compass, maybe not the best replacement)

Practicing all the letters:

Some style sketching:



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