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Ke'e Gold

I sat on Ke'e beach and watched the sunset like I had so many times before since I was a kid, but this time I was with my girlfriend and my beautiful 4 week old daughter. This was her first Ke'e sunset and I couldn't be more happy. The sun had already set over the horizon, and everyone else on the beach had already gotten in their car's and were headed home. But something told me to stick around, because something amazing was about to happen. So we sat on the quiet beach, taking in the sound's of the wave's breaking on the outside reef, the smell of the warm salt air, and watched the headlamp's from the last few hikers coming out from the Hanakapiai trail. Everything reminded me just how lucky I am to call this my home, and to have been brought up in such an amazing place. And just when I thought things couldn't get any better, everything went quiet and the sky turned to gold, and all I could do was sit in disbelief, and smile. This is my home. Always. Kaua'i....


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