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Andy Lin

Creative Designer at Openhourz



Kay's Health & Beauty

Hello there, my name is Andy and I am the designer for Openhourz.

We started out as a business directory and wanted to focus on solving the problem of inaccurate business information online by verifying all business information. We realized that it was an unrealistic goal for us to contact every business since there are millions of businesses in the U.S.

We now are here to help small businesses with basically anything, online marketing, social media, building a website, we're even here to just sit down and talk with them about their problems; this still helps us build our accurate database. We're a small business' personal assistant. And we only partner with those we know we can deliver results for. 

Customer service is the most important aspect to building a great business and we want to spread that culture to all businesses. Businesses shouldn't focus on profit, they should focus on their customers first and how they can satisfy them.

So one of our clients, Kay's Health and Beauty, wants us to make a new website for them. Their website is a couple years old and they do not have time to maintain it themselves. They want to attract high-class customers by providing them with high quality products and using state of the art technology.


On the home page, the first thing you see is the Before & After. I decided to show a Before & After first because I want visitors to see that Kay's Health & Beauty is no joke: they can deliver results. "We take pride in showing the world your best side." is the message we want to get across to the visitors. Kay's Health & Beauty will do their best and provide you with the best customer service because they want to satisfy you, and when they satisfy their customers they feel pride in themselves which drives them to work even harder.


After the visitor sees the Before & After, they're probably thinking "oh wow, how did they go through that transformation?!" So right beneath the header, there's a general process of how you would go through a treatment. It provides information on what you would go through and maybe some comfort if someone wasn't sure if they wanted to try a treatment.


Right after the treatment process is the CALL TO ACTION. The customer comes to the site, sees results, finds out more about the process, feels more comfortable, and now they can call to make an appointment. The employees at Kay's Health & Beauty know how to treat their customers and by telling the customers to call they will be able to close the deal easily.


The rest of the page displays the 3 locations and also a form for those who do not have the time to call at that moment to request an appointment. This is at the end of the page because we want people to CALL them because the employees know what to say.


Well, that's my first rough draft of the website for Kay's Health & Beauty. I would be more than happy if I could get some feedback on it. Please, don't hold anything back. Honest criticism will only help me better my work, no matter how harsh it may sound. Thanks!

This is also my first project I'm submitting to Skillshare so I hope I did it right!


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