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Kaydie Marie




Kaydie Marie Artistry

Hi, I'm Kaydie Marie. I draw & sew plushies & make jewelry. I'm taking this class in order to "level Up" my shop Kaydie Marie Artistry. I've had my shop for almost a year and slooowwly I've been building sales. I want to reach a larger audience-- It'd be great to see my designs & accessories enjoyed all over the world.



- The last couple days I've been adding specifics (size, materials, colors) to my listings and updating photos. This has been time consuming b/c I was rather lax on those details.

- Thinking of deleting from the jewelry listings:

"Colors may vary slightly from product photos. ALL materials are lead-free and nickel-free. As with all hand made items the variations & imperfections in metal, glass & other materials makes the pieces truly unique."

I think it's fine if I have it once over in the FAQ?

- I need to figure out my shipping. I wish it was a less time consuming process but if I want to reach out to the world I need to make it easy. Really easy-- I know how annoying it is to want something from another country but it's a pain in the rear (and almost costs double) b/c I'd have to go through a proxy shopping service.


-It's been awhile. I've been jamming on sewing "Tooth Fairy Helpers" and quite a bit of time has passed since I added anything. Today I've been adjusting the colors on Luna to some that I like better. The first few tries were... bright and the blue completely washed out text in a few places!

Why am I changing it up? I'm not feeling the stark empty white for my shop. It doesn't fit me or my art.



The number 1 problem I have with Luna (today) is that header text is the same for where it says the shop name & the product name. The white text at the top also carried over to the strangest places like the shopping cart. Meef. I scrapped the blue and started with text color first:


Deep, dark chocolate wine text, Spectral Blue for the item highlights and a berry wine red for link highlights with a stormy grey background. Makes it feel more me.


Of course, once I finished the colors I like I see there's a new theme that has features that could work beautifully for my shop considering the biggest questions I have from customers are when they're using their phones and why I'm constantly going back to Luna compared to other themes. I'm going to go watch the videos and make a new To-Do list b/c I stopped at the end of 3 a few weeks ago.

To do:

- Logo (why don't I have one yet? This no-brainer has escaped my attention for years!)

- Fix my pics.

- Check how site looks on other platforms.


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