Kawaii week (Instagram drawing challenge)

Kawaii week (Instagram drawing challenge) - student project

I took part in a short and sweet 1 week instagram drawing challenge called "Kawaii week", where you draw a cute illustration every day following a specific promt. I decided to practice my handlettering and write up the promt title on the page next to the drawing.

I used posca markers over a quick pencil sketch for my lettering and then some digital post production to add the background colors and fix some contrast issues.

The first title was done before watching the video and the last prompt title was done after the video and after the 5 other promt titles. I definitely learned a lot about where to put the emphasis and boldness on the letters. The clockfaces were a great explanation! I still have a way to go but I can definitely see the improvement.

Thanks for the class Ian! (I found it through the Honest Designer's podcast, which I love listening to :D)


Kawaii week (Instagram drawing challenge) - image 1 - student project



Kawaii week (Instagram drawing challenge) - image 2 - student project


PS: this was my "kawaii" drawing for the 90s nostalgia promt to match the lettering:

Kawaii week (Instagram drawing challenge) - image 3 - student project