Sandra Nouraud

Digital project manager



Kawaii to do app

I am a digital project manager and really wanted to learn some Sketch basics as I am sure it can help me in my work. I really enjoyed this class.

I just got back from Japan where everything there is so cute, there are little drawings everywhere and hello kitty is not just for kids, adults are really found of it too. This is why I decided to orientate my app into a "kawaii" one just with some little touchs but enough to add cuteness in the day. This is also why the tone is quite casual. 

The character I am using is from Sumikko Gurashi, from Sanrio I have not designed them. 

Loader page:


The user will have the possibility to sign in (page not designed). If he has multiple devices this allows him to find his to do list anywhere.

I have designed the "create an account" page. This is not compulsary and the user can skip it by closing the page. 


If the users has no tasks yet the screen is empty and we encourage him to create one. I have also added the possibility to have either a list view or a calendar view. On the calendar the days where you have something to do are marked with a dot. On the list view, I have added one catedory so you can see what you have to do today and tomorrow. 









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