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Kat's Day

These are the finalized sketches for my icons, most of which I stuck to pretty closely:


1. wake up
2. eat breakfast (toast)
3. study
4. go on a run
5. shower
6. make tea
7. check facebook / email
8. drawing / thinking / ideation for projects
9. lunch
10. design / illustrate using computer
11. bike to work
12. fold napkins
13. chat with coworkers
14. serve customers
15. bike home from work
16. hang out with my mom
17. brush teeth / wash face
18. watch part of a movie
19. read 
20. go to bed

And this is how they turned out as icons: 


I had particular trouble with two of them. The napkin-folding was conceptually difficult - it took me a long time to arrive at a visual solution and I'm still not terribly pleased with it. I don't feel like it's easily understood, although part of that may be that "napkin-folding" isn't a terribly global activity. 

I also struggled with the book, although for this one my trouble came when I brought the concepts into Illustrator. To maintain a sense of visual unity, I tried to use very simple shapes throughout my icon set, and I couldn't really get to that wavy-page open book look with circles, rectangles, and line segments. So I settled on this; it looks really awkward; I might change it. 

Thanks for having a look! Constructive criticism appreciated. 


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