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Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer



Katie's Cute Comic

Hi Sarah! I love your work and thanks for a great class!

And hi everyone, I'm Katie. I'd love to make a webcomic but I'm not too confident in my illustration so this is great practice.

My main physical characteristics:

  • pixie cut with wavy/messy hair (what people notice about me 1st)
  • tall and thin
  • biggish eyes
  • blouse and skinny jeans

Personality traits:

  • Introverted and awkward
  • But at the same time, friendly and bubbly

When doing the sketches I got bogged down in if I should add eyelashes since I'm a girl, but in the end decided it wasn't necessary.


I went for one that's more cute, but let me know if a different sketch jumps out at you. From there I refined it until I got to here:


I haven't started the comic yet. I'm not sure I got the side and back views right. I might refine the body as well. So any feedback on the character design is very welcome. Thanks a lot!


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