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Katie's Chameleo

This is my first Skillshare, guys!!! Ok, so after crossing off a bunch of already-awesome animals created in the project gallery, I branched out toward the reptile family, landing on a chameleon. Research ensued and I began. His shapes weren't as simple as I'd hoped ...but I guess that's also sort of what I wanted so win, win or whatever.



Sketching was tough for me! I wanted to put in every detail. I re-watched the video with increasing respect for DKNG who seem to know at a glance exactly what geometric shapes translate and how. I am a designer and had hoped this part would come naturally. It so did not. Thank God for tracing paper and erasers and time.



Once the shapes began to form, the process finally became comfortable and stepping into the computer, I got to really play. Limiting the color palette was tough but so rewarding. I'd love to push the texture and details even further on a future project along these lines.


...And here's the final piece (below), or at least where I'm willing to call it quits for this exercise. Learned a bunch and loved a peek into the process of such talented guys. Thanks for your hard work and for every student sharing their process as well! So fun!!! :) Comments welcome!


- Katiehttps://dribbble.com/katiearcara


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