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Katie Ekins

Graphic Designer



Katie's 30 day sketchbook challenge – Complete!

Hi everyone, my name is Katie and I am a graphic designer. My job requires me to be creative on demand and while I love my job, I know it's important that I continue my own art practice on the side. At work I am working on the computer, trying to please clients. So it's nice to come home and get a little messy with paints and traditional media – just for myself. I know that keeping a daily sketchbook practice will nourish my creativity and help keep me sane.

Ria, your videos have been really helping me to get going. I do feel like I don't have enough supplies...I don't have fancy, expensive stuff. I have some old acrylic paints but I'd love to have gouache. I have some cheap watercolors but it'd be nice to have richer colors. Etc. The funny thing is, when I look around, my room is full of art supplies, so I have no excuse. After all having restrictions often fosters creativity.

Enough of an introduction...I'm looking forward to this month and here is day 1. Hopefully I can keep this going all 30 days.

Good luck to everyone participating!

Day 1 - Autumn


Day 2 - Gourds


Day 3 - Color I decided an informal goal of mine is to use as many different materials as I can over the month. This was with acrylic paints.


Day 4 - Hay

I did this twist on the popular saying because it gets dark so early here and I've been doing this project in the evening when it's already dark. Because sometimes you have to hustle to accomplish everything you want to!


Day 5 - Feast

Had some fun with markers for this one.


Day 6 - Bonfire

I used a 6B pencil for this one.


Day 7 - Home

I drew a dream home - I've always wanted to live on a lake.


Day 8 - Gather

I did a gathering (gaggle? flock?) of geese...because why not? They always seem to be gathering...having secret meetings...holding conventions...or is that just me?


Day 9 - Season

I chose spring. I was experimenting with mixed media: pastels, markers, and watercolor.


Day 10: Chill

Short on time today, this will have to do.


Day 11: Tea - marker and Micron pen. Fell behind but catching up now.


Day 12: Apples - homemade stamps and acrylic paint


Day 13: Leaves

brush and ink


Day 14: Acorns 

Colored pencil, Micron pen


Day 15: Socks


Day 16: Boots.


Day 17: Family. I drew my dog who is a big part of our family.


Day 18: Park. (National Park that is).


Day 19: Spice. Salt and Pepper


Day 20: Pie.


Day 21: Cabin. Can can I just say I'm thrilled I've made it this far?! Pencil and ink.


Day 22: Scarf. Watercolor and ink. 


Day 23: Still.


Day 24: Snuggle - because there's nothing like snuggling up with a good book.


Day 25: hat - I drew my lucky hat.


Day 26: Warmth so I drew some candles.


Day 27: Coat.


Day 28: Lantern. This is a lantern from my college.


Day 29: Full so I drew a full moon. Only one day left!!


Day 30: Give thanks so I did a quote about gratitude. It's all about perspective! I'm really happy that I finished the challenge! I got a lot out of this! Even if I haven't been happy with every sketch, the point is that I made art a priority this month – even though it'd be really easy to push it aside or claim I'm too busy. I'm going to continue to make art in my free time.


Thanks for looking!


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