Katharina's Author Platform Game Plan

Hey class, here is how I'd put Jenna's teachings into practice for my author platform.


Step 1: Establish Your Voice.

Who am I?
I am sympathetic, smart and passionate about my work.

What do I have to offer?
I write sensitive, character-driven fantasy novels and I can share snippets of my work in progress. I have a lot of experience as a copywriter, thus know a thing or two about crafting a good text. Furthermore, I like to explore writing tropes and want to create awareness for mental health among creatives.

I share well-crafted pieces of content that show details from my current projects. I share my thoughts on common writing tropes and why I use (or don’t use) them in my work. Concerning mental health issues, I can write about perfectionism, anxiety and self-doubt and share my personal experiences with other creatives.


Step 2: Create a content game plan.

WHO is my target audience?
Fantasy readers and geeky enthusiasts from the age of 18 to 40+.

WHAT service are you offering?
Blog posts on my current writing projects and fantasy tropes, thoughts and impulses on mental health for writers and creatives.

WHERE are you going to post your content?
On my blog/website and a newsletter.

WHEN are you going to post your content?
Blog: Every monday.
Newsletter: Once month.

HOW are you going to spread the word?
Via Twitter and Instagram channels, teaming-up with other writers on mental health issues.

That's it. Any thoughts? Your feedback is much appreciated.=)


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