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Katharina Gerlach

Bilingual Author from Germany



Katharina Gerlach, bilingual author from Germany, trying to understand cover design

08.12.2013 Germany

I tried to merge the second to last and the last cover and quite like the effect. Of course, if I were a real artist, I wouldn't copy and paste the elements from different sources. I'd draw them myslef which would make the edges look softer and the blending of the color gradient smoother and more like a real night sky. The kids look more active, less like statists and with the boy in the middle, it should hint at who's the main character. Also, I prefer the flying may-bug to the standing one although it means I'll have to skip the fiddle (a central element in the story). I like the new font (at full size it looks like stitching) and think it goes well with the rest of the picture. Any suggestions?

04.12.2013 Germany

I tried to reduce the idea to only the silhouettes and thing this looks quite nice. What I don't really like is the blackness of the rest of the cover. I would probably need to counterbalance that with some color on the backcover...

26.11.2013 Germany

I played around some more. I thought that the human element was missing. I quite like the result although it is a little on the dark side. To me, it doesn't really say fantasy adventure just yet, so I'll keep piddling around. Feedback is welcome again.


21.11.2013 Germany

I played around with a couple of ideas and sketched out the first one. Since I'm not very good at drawing my own stuff, I used a May beetle from the net and adapted it. The font is NOT one that I could use commercially, but I think it's ok to use it for this sketch. Please let me know how I can improve this or if I'm entirely off.

my first try


20.11.2013 Germany

OK, I'm an Indie author and not a designer. Still, to publish my novels, I have to have great covers. Since I can't afford to hire a professional, I've got to learn this. I've got some artists in the family that will help me out as long as I can tell them exactly what I want. Of course, I'd like to take one of my own books as an example, but they have never gone through a change of design, so I went for a book I love and that's considered a classic in Germany:

Peterchens Mondfahrt

It's a children's book, telling the story of two children who find a crying may beetle on their windowsill as they go to bed. The beetle is missing one of his six legs which has been accidentally banned to the moon by the night fairy. It was stuck on a tree an evil lumberjack felled and the fairy sent the man and the wood to the moon. Now, the children and the beetle set out to get it back, and they have to face many, many adventures.

Covers that have been done for this book are plentiful. Most depict the children and the beetly flying toward the moon:

Peterchens MondfahrtPeterchens MondfahrtPeterchens Mondfahrt

only very few have a different motive:

Peterchens Mondfahrt 

Peterchens Mondfahrt

I will read through the book again today and tonight and see what I can come up with. Keep in mind that I'm not an artist, so the actual sketch of my ideas will probably not be very beautiful. It's just a way to nail down my ideas.

One thing that I was wondering is this: I am sure that I have to consider the audience the book is meant to be for. In the case of children's books, the cover has to please the parents (who buy the book) and the children (who I want to read and re-read the book because they love it so much). Am I assuming right that the cover for a children's book cannot be reduced to an extremely minimalistic style?


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