Kate's drawing

Kate's drawing - student project

Thank you very much for this class, Tom. For me the main idea was not to draw directly from references or from heart at once, but first to do a STUDY STAGE and then to draw from heart. 

I liked very much a stage of sketching, but that is what I usually do. The proccess of creating  an illustration from drawing was not for me the clearest thing%. I liked ideation, but its difficult for me to stylize enougth!

Kate's drawing - image 1 - student projectKate's drawing - image 2 - student projectKate's drawing - image 3 - student projectKate's drawing - image 4 - student projectKate's drawing - image 5 - student project

As I composed my final sketch BEFORE I began to listen to the part of the class dedicated to that, I just put the workspace and the person together.)

Kate's drawing - image 6 - student project

But then I understood that I should draw the whole thing from heart)) And did this sketch:

Kate's drawing - image 7 - student project


But unfortunately, I didn't liked it..

So I decided to have a try with the first one. So excuse me please for wrong proportions of the final illustration!

I used to choose colors from heart without any color palette, but I understand, that is not the perfect way of doing. So I tried to pick some colors for the final illustration first. But I dont understand fully how to do that!:/

So this is what I've done at last:Kate's drawing - image 8 - student project

Honestly, I liked the sketch more. Here it became obvious that the level of stylizing is low, it's a bit messy and.. I dont know what else)) But I don't know how to do better!

Anyway your class gave me a way of thinking and working. I hope I'll learn how to do illustrations at last! Thank you


Kate's drawing - image 9 - student project


P.S. After I got a feedback from my friend, I tried to restrict color palette to less number of colors. Here is what I've got:


Kate's drawing - image 10 - student project


I think it turned out more stylish, but less vivid and warm. So I will try further to experiment with colors! Hmm on a wall it looks a bit better than the first one IMO%)


Kate's drawing - image 11 - student project


P.P.S. Two other tries with different color palettes:

Kate's drawing - image 12 - student project

Kate's drawing - image 13 - student project

Thank you once more for amazing class!