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Katelyn Philipp

Social Media and Branding Strategist



Katelyn’s Instagram Graphic

1. My social media tip

I’m using a social media tip for this project because small business owners looking for social media advice make up part of my target audience on Instagram. My tip, below, will help my followers brush up the bio sections of their social media accounts to make them more effective tools within their personal or professional aspirations.

“What does your bio say about you? In a minute, take another look at your social media bios. What are people learning about you in that handful of words? If it's résumé highlights or favorite hobbies, think again. Share directly how you help your target audience, whether it's through products or services, and how it benefits them. And instead of a general landing page URL, link to your blog or opt-in freebie to attract more attention.”

2. Branding elements

I’m going to incorporate a yellow color from my brand style guide, #ffcc00. I also prefer sans-serif headlines and serif body copy, and my image should align with my brand personality that sets a clean, classic, and helpful mood.


3. Designed Instagram image

Easy peasy! I created my tip graphic in Canva by working off a predesigned template and working in some of my branding elements.


4. Screenshot of my posted image

And here is a screenshot showing off my on-brand Canva image in my Instagram feed right after I posted it.



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