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Kate Austen (Evangeline Lily)

I have decided to choose Evangeline Lily as my subject for this project. 


Here  is my first sketch. Pretty messy but I think I have most of the proportions correct. My ruler became my best friend during this part of the project. I am going to add more detail and value as I move thru the class. I just wanted to document as much of my process as I could. 

Her nose and mouth still seem a bit off to me but I haven't watched the tutorials for those yet so hopefully I will be able to problem solve after viewing those. 


Here is an update after I watched the Planes/Light & Shade video as well as the tutorial on the nose. It's looking really heavy at the bottom of the face but once I start working on the top half it should even out.


January 15, 2014

I have started work on the left eye but I feel like something doesn't look right. Maybe I drew them too big? Ugh! I hope there is an easier solution. 

Sorry about the sideways picture. I when I pull it up on my editing software it is not sideways but as soon as I upload it here it reverts back. Bizzare.


January 16

I am so close to being finished with this piece! This is my best work by far. I gave up drawing a few years ago because I felt like I wasn't good enough. The truth was that I was just being impatient. When I really took my time and made sure I didn't give up until I was comfortable with it it turned out twice as good! 

I noticed that it didn't realy look like her. However, I decided to just roll with it and to keep working. I think it is something with the eyes. I have been posting my progress on my Facebook and I have been asked to do my first commision! I will probably be coming back to these videos throughout that process. 

Just to show my progress through the years:




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