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KatchACanvas Business Cards

KatchACanvas is a small online store that sells canvas totes and donates a book to a public school for every product sold. It was created by 3 preschool teachers who advocate for early reading education to promote literacy in the Philippines. Our name is a play on the words katcha (Filipino for cheesecloth/canvas) and canvas.

I've been meaning to elevate our look and make it more professional so I took this class as an exercise. 


This is our working logo. I used the existing color scheme and feel for this project. I made this a while back so I now see things I could improve on after seeing it on our products, our Facebook page, etc. Generally, as I said earlier, I want it to look more professional.

This uses the fonts Lobster and Tetra. I think Tetra is somewhat too tall for the logo, which I feel contributes to its unprofessional appearance.  

For the first exercise in this class, I used Quicksand for the sans serif font but I couldn't help myself so I added color, pattern and a script font (Leckerli One).     

Second exercise. Not sure where we will be able to use this but I'm going to keep it just in case. This is Adobe Caslon Pro.     

I had the most fun working on the last exercise. I used Baron Neue and Lobster. I drew a ribbon instead of using the star tool as it felt more suited for the brand. 

Then I added details reminiscent of the original logo and added a paper texture as well. Still thinking about that brown in the middle, but for the most part I am pleased with this. 

So that decided certain changes in the earlier exercises.


I then changed the background to the same color as the triangle on the information side of the card so that the design is more continuous. 


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