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KatZ - Jack of all trades, Hoping to MASTER my site!

Hello everyone!

My name is Katherine Walker, but I go by Kat or Kat Z with acquaintances or online because for some reason people can't remember that Katherine is my name! 

I am ok with the nicknames and for the last 15 years it has become a persona for me, so I try to use it to my advantage if I can. 

For the last 11 years I have worked in the Video Production world producing and editing commercials and films.  I started out as a Production Assistant and then suddenly one day I looked back and realized I had been producing, writing, creative directing, art directing, shooting and editing, but never really had a true title I could call my own. Pretty much would do everything to get the job done and many of the projects would still be floating in mid-air if I hadn't swooped in! 

Currently, I am the production supervisor/ creative director at a Throttle Films & Post Production in Dallas, Texas.  I still do a bit of everything, but mostly hire artists, give creative direction, set up workflows and over see the post production projects we take on.

I am starting a portfolio site in the thoughts of possibly getting some of my own gigs shooting, editing and doing creative directing as a freelancer. I want to venture out and work on projects with new faces and try to branch out my expertise outside of the daily routine. (It would be nice to let people know I exsist and that I am not a hermit)  

The portfilio site is currently set up with a custom template on the backend of my friends website for now and am debating on official website names. 


I recently have picked up a few cool projects unrelated to 9 to 5 work - most of which are happening right now and I will be posting about them over the course of this class to get the blogging side of my site running. 

My goal for this is to get the portfolio website going as my bread and butter site for more exposure in the prodcution business, but I am also setting up a Fitness/Personal Training website for my other side business. 

UPDATE: I just made my first attempt at my fitness page. It is definitely not fully functioning, but at least I set it up!


I also happen to be a Certified Personal Trainer, a Russian Kettlebell aficionado and have fought in Mixed Martial Arts for 5 years. I have been training friends and family for the last 2 years, but have never set up a site with any information about personal training or done any blogging on things I like or recommend except on Facebook. I am hoping this class will push me to get this other site going since it's an on going priority in my head that I haven't had the chance to nail down. 

Fingers crossed for us all!



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