Katherine Hubbs

Illustration, Patterns and Lettering



Kat Scratch


I decided to just created a font from my basic note taking handwriting. I started by writing the alphabet over and over a few times until it felt natural and then i chose the letters that I thought were most natural and expressive.


After I finished I found it really needed to be a font where both the upper and lower case letters where all caps so you wouldn't have to worry about how you were typing.  Then, I thought it needs some numbers and punctuation... and then I thought maybe there should be a bold version.


And finally, I decided to add a dingbat font that included 100 little doodle and swirls that I like and felt when well with the font.


I really loved this class, clear and easy to follow.  It was broken down well and I think I can apply the learnings to more difficult fonts.


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