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Theresa Pham

Business Analyst & UX Designer at Digitaria



Kaskading Style Sheets

EDM has obviously blown up in the last few years, but more than 15 years ago, I fell in love with electronic music. Before I even knew there were sub-genres like house, trance, dub-step, progressive house, etc., I was drawn to the beats and sounds that made my heart swell and happiness radiate through me soul. Sounds like love, right?

In 2008, I saw house DJ Ryan Raddon, more commonly known by his stage name "Kaskade", spin at a club in Hollywood. I had no idea who he was or exactly what house music was, but the second he got on stage to spin, I was hooked. I've seen him a few more times over the years, and I never cease to dance my face off when he's spinning or one of his songs come on playlist.

I'm not much of a groupie, but for this project, I want to build a website where I can share my love of Kaskade and his unique style of house music.

Project Brief

I envision this website as a long page with a main navigation and footer. The main navigation will include a list of links that will become sticky at the top as the user being to scroll down the page. Links will be bookmarks to sub-sections of the site.

Main Navigation

-- Logo (or Banner) with jump links to sections listed below


-- Feature Image (http://url.com/#feature)

-- History & Background (http://url.com/#about)

-- Upcoming Shows / Features (http://url.com/#shows)

-- Recent Interviews (http://url.com/#interviews)

-- Photos & Videos (http://url.com/#media)

-- Instagram Feed (http://url.com/#instagram)

-- SoundCloud Mixes (http://url.com/#shows)

-- Other Related Artists


-- Legal, Copyright, Contact


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