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Adrienne Bogatie

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Kashering Your Life is growing up

My blog started off only 9 months ago, partially as away to share what I have learned but not yet mastered in the art of meal and menu planning, and cutting down on spending and waste of good food, but ultimately (after some research, I discovered there are no blogs like mine) as a niche blog and eventually to earn money, to become a work from home mom, even though my kids are no longer babies!

My Purpose:

  • To help others learn from my mistakes
  • To let others know that they are not alone in the struggle
  • To develop my skill as a writer
  • To share cost saving delicious recipes
  • To earn enough money so that I can work from home and employ and uplift other women, by providing a career
  • To become known as the expert in the field of meal and menu planning and all the benifits that go with it.

My Style:

  • Coversational- controversial=Friengly
  • Informative - preachy= encouraging
  • Interesting - irrelevant = engaging
  • Educational-lecturing = meaningful
  • Diverse - non-biased= multicultural

My Audience



I chose a picture of me, because that is who my ideal audience is.

  • A working mom
  • Living on a tight budget
  • 2 or more kids
  • A mom who wants to be more organised
  • A mom who hates shopping
  • An exhausted mom
  • A woman who wants to eat healthily

Brand Statement

Kasheringyourlife is a friendly, informative, and educational blog focused on providing content about meal and menu planning as well as practical ways to survive on a tight food budget so that we can make living life easier.

By putting in the effort to develop quality content on a regular basis, we plan to :

Post a minimum of once a week.

Develop an online course and present more workshops

Become a successful business, helping women save their sanity and their money.


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