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Karmaloop presents Secondhand Hanks Buyback Initiative

Everybody wants nice fucking clothes but not everybody can afford them i would know this first hand, Im always going to secondhand or vintage shops or scouring through the endless mass of what is refered to as the Goodwill. im always pairing vintage items that i find with newer items that i get online (cause some reason noone likes carrying xxl xxxl) (i like my shirts like i like my movies).im always spending hours online searching through Karmaloop or Ebay filling my carts up only to weed through them and pick the best bang for my buck.

That is why i have came up with the SecondHand Hanks Buyback Initiative. the idea is very fucking simple. you send in your old or used clothing and Karmaloop sends you a giftcode valued at x amount of dollars the more you send in the more your gift code will be. (you will have to make a catlog for past years inventory and have a set amount for each item)  after you recive the items their a few options you can do.

1. Start a charity or partner with an existing one and send the clothes you recieve from the Initiative and distrubute them to people in need in developing countrys

2. Have second hand pop up shops accros major metropolitan areas including Boston San Fran ect..

3.Start an online SecondHand online shop catering to people looking for a good deal or that hard to find item or just the vintage enthusiast.

4.Start an exclusive Brick and Mortar Karmaloop thrift store (So Dope. Thanks 2Chainz)

5.Have a benefit show have the bands or artists donate their time and charge at the door like one article of clothing or something.

In conclusion the SecondHand Hanks BuyBack Iniative has the potential to provide people with some seriously cool shit that couldnt afford it otherwise.


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