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Karmaloop Presents: The Looplife Tour

Target Market:

Who: The Verge Culture Target Market of 18-34 year olds who are tech-savvy, fashion-forward, multi-cultural, first generation raised on the Internet, who use retail websites, and are part of the lifestyle culture throughout the international market.


What: Karmaloop Presents: The Looplife Tour

The Looplife Tour is an international tour showcasing the “Looplife” and what the Karmaloop lifestyle entails of, represents, and promotes. It is essentially the rawest form of finding the perfect verge culture target market potential customer. Therefore, The Looplife Tour is also going to be the biggest Marketing campaign Karmaloop will ever be doing in history.


When: Summer 2015

Dates to be determined depending on Venue availability.


Where: International Markets to further launch international efforts and promote to key markets.

 Locations to include: UK, Spain, France, United States, and more.


Why: The purpose of this event is to show international market Karmaloop and the Looplife.

Although in 2013, Karmaloop already launched the Verge Campus Tour, marketing efforts and campaigns must be stepped up in order to increase profits and marketing efforts in 2015, especially overseas.





Employee trip giveaway: This is a way to increase employee moral at Karmaloop by giving multiple employees a chance to win tickets to represent Karmaloop at the Karmaloop tour. Employees can win this based on various performance achievements.

Vendor Village contest: Creating a campaign through Karmaloop with all Karmaloop brands, to find the top brands either based by “user votes” by voting on Karmaloop.com each day. Brands can promote to their followings to help vote for them on Karmaloop.com to win a limited slot at the Vendor Village. Also, the tour can use this as another form of monetization by charging anywhere up to $2000 per booth per brand.


Social Media contests: Viral repost contest campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to win tickets to the event, and gain attention for the tour.


Media: Use media outlets internationally to promote the tour. Also provide, media outlets with tickets for giveaways.


Information capturing: When buying concert tickets online, customers have to enter their email address and phone number, in which they can be used to add to email promotional blasts with their consent.


Upcoming artist contests: Karmaloop.com can also host online contests for upcoming artists in each geographic area for a chance to open and perform at the events in their local area. This can also be used on a voting system, which will get many followers and supporters checking out Karmaloop to vote on their favorite upcoming artists. It is also a future chance to collab with these artists before they make it big. Karmaloop can also use the media outlets, such as radio stations, to help conduct this campaign. 




Social Media Contests: Using hashtags such as #Looplife  and tagging @Karmaloop to promote contest giveaways and Karmaloop promotional material.


Karmaloop TV: Using Karmaloop TV to gain the best content possible for it. Examples: Backstage with Kid Cudi, Pharrell Mic’ed up on stage, A day with Greg Selkoe at the Looplife Tour, Live Performances, and more.


Karmaloop TV live stream on Youtube or Karmaloop.com: Hosting a live stream of each concert online will get more people to the site and talking about how huge the concert is. With their friends already posting it all over Instagram and tweeting about it, they are certain to want to check out their favorite artists perform, and the craziness at the Karmaloop Mainstage.


Post Concert:

Social media recaps, promote Tour KarmaloopTV content, and following up with customer information captured at events. Special Promo Codes for those in attendance at the events, and that watched the live online streams.



Concert Logistics:

Karma Stage (EDM) -  To include upcoming and established EDM artists due to the ever-increasing rise in the EDM music festival scene. Suggestion is to use Steve Aoki again due to his great international presence, performances, and demand in the music scene. This stage can also include many more upcoming international EDM artists as well.


The Loop Stage (Hip Hop Stage) – Also, to include upcoming, established, and classic Hip Hop artists. Plain and simple, as clothing trends move in counter cycles, Hip Hop was a main factor in the streetwear and lifestyle culture we see today, especially for those growing up in the verge culture computer era. Suggestion is to also have Kendrick Lamar perform again as well due to his increasing proclamation as the best lyricist killing the Hip Hop game.


Karmaloop Stage (Main Stage) – The Karmaloop Mainstage is where all the fun happens. Anyone, anything, anywhere, it all goes down here. Unorthodox and different is what happens here. The Karmaloop mainstage can include celebrity hosts such as Pharrell, Kid Cudi, Greg Selkoe, and more. It can include rock sets from Blink 182, 90’s Pop with the Backstreet Boys, a Kid Cudi & Pharrell collabo set, a DJ set from A-Trak, or anything! There are no limitations on this OPEN-Format stage.


Karmaloop Lounge – The Karmaloop lounge is where the verge culture can get an up close and personal with Karmaloop the brand. This is a place where you can showcase Karmaloop history, art, collabs, or anything you can find in the Karmaloop office. This is to show your customers who Karmaloop really is up close and personal.

As mentioned in the pre-concert section, you can also use this area to have Karmaloop employees stay and chill in this area at various times, so the concert-goers can interact closely with Karmaloop employees and the brand itself on the same level.

Also, you can include the during-concert marketing efforts at the Karmloop lounge as well.


Karmaloop Vendor Village – With the many brands that Karmaloop hosts, the concert-goers, sometimes should see them in a non e-commerce environment. The vendor village is a place to expose the target market to these new fashion brands in person. After checking out the vendor village and seeing all the great clothes they haven’t picked up yet, they will sure be back to Karmaloop.com buying often. 


About Me: My name is CJ Berina. I am 23 years old from Los Angeles, CA. I currently am a Marketing assistant for Acrylick Clothing Co. and Venue Tradeshow. This year, I started my own marketing and branding company for the fashion and music industries called Project Ceeej, Inc. It also works with events, as you can see above. But other than that, I'm just out her grinding and hustling, trying to follow my dreams and live life. 

Check out my instagram and follow me, I think you'll like what I'm trying to do: @djceeej 

P.S. Greg, if you pick me, I also have another innovative idea I would love to pitch to you that involves Karmaloop TV once I get to Boston. :) 

Thanks for reading. 



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