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Byron Terry




Karmaloop Goes Greek

The main purpose of my idea is to do something creative and also fun for everyone.  I want to try something that connects the community to the company.

Karmaloop Goes Greek

Idea:  My unorthodox idea for you all, the Karmaloop family, is a performing fashion show.  Everyone is use to the run of the mill models that walk out followed by performances in between each set of models.  Well I would like to propose to you all a fashion show where the models are the performers.  This will be done in a fashion step show powered by Karmaloop.  Karmaloop will work with the Greeks of a college campus to put on the 1st known fashion step show.  Models will be dressed in gear found on Karmaloop and will perform/step and model on a Karmaloop theme stage.

Why is this a good idea?

  • Greek organizations are always doing events and are always looking for community involvement.
  • Greek organizations have been around and have been popular for 100s of years now.
    • People from all over are intrested by Greek events such as step shows
    • Plenty of movies have been created around step shows
  • It’s a fun and new way to present fashion to the masses.

Making the magic happen:  

In my opinion the most productive way to run this type of step show is to have every organization pick a brand.  Since step show performers usually have a theme for their on stage times this would be the best way to create some sort of cohesion with the teams and not take too much away from the tradition of the step show.

Viewers will enter in on a red carpet with a Karmaloop, Plndr, Brick Harbor, Karmaloop TV back drop.  Viewers can than take pictures and hang out talk about what they are about to see, create a fun environment.


Of course there will be online and social media promotion.  We will use emails, snap chat, twitter, instagram, facebook, pintrest, whatever it takes to get the point across.  In the area that we choose to host the 1st event at there will be more types of guerilla and traditional marketing.  Flyers, posters, stickers, anything to get the word out.  Plus we will also have the support of the involved Greek organizations because they will want to promote the step show to make sure that it is a success.

Another great way to market this idea is through KarmaloopTV.  We will have a film crew film bits and pieces of the rehearsals to build anticipation and have the viewers at home start a mini social media war over who they think is going to take home the trophy.   

 For this event along with the hash tags #looplife #karmaloop etc. we have everybody use the hash tag #klgoesgreek or something to the same effect to create online conversations about the show, let the world be able to read and see the event play out, release special gift codes, and show the world that Karmaloop is more than just clothes for sale.

Larger Scale:  I would love to see this event done annually and turned into a college tour that is seen online on KarmaloopTV.  That way we can get the social media world involved in this event.  There could be things that already work incorporated into the show such as gift codes for key moments in the show.  For example if you order right now using this special code while this organization is performing then you can get money off your orders.  Also it could be hosted by a celebrity host (such as Kendrick Lamar(he’s the greatest).

Hit me up on social networks as well:

Instagram/Twitter:  HEARTOFASAVAGE_


Karmaloop Goes Greek

Market:  The 1st and obvious audience would be college students.  This would be young adults whose ages range anywhere from 18-24 years old in undergraduate school.  But since Greek organizations are worldwide, highly connected and interactive, and have a lifetime members the audience expands even wider.  This basically means that this fashion step show will be seen, talked about, and shared by way more than college students.

Market Groups:

  • Graduate Students- They usually come to undergrad. step shows to dhow support and help out. Direct Buyers
  • Professional Lifetime Greek Members- Even though this group is older and no longer in school doesn’t mean they do not take interest in street wear and pop culture. A valid point you mentioned in the video lessons. They could buy anything off of Karmaloop directly for themselves or indirectly for their kids or a younger family member or friend. Another thing this group can do is spread the word about Karmaloop to a younger person they might know that is interested in street fashion.
  • High School Kids- High school kids are interested in college life and a major part of college life they look into is Greek life.  Since college is what is on the mind of a lot of high schoolers this will put Karmaloop in their mind as well.
  • Everybody- People that love fashion, love pop culture, love step shows, or just want to get out of the house and see something new will also be attracted to an event like this.

One thing I have learned throughout my college experience is that networking is key.  I think Karmaloop building an even stronger bridge between the community and itself would be a great thing.  Lastly, It is also always good to get well acquainted with the next generation of leaders and this step show would be a great way in heading in that direction. 


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