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Karma Quest

"Spirituality is on the rise and we are seeking spiritual fulfillment."

“Over one third of respondents said they believed they could achieve the American dream through spiritual fulfillment rather than material success.”
According to recent survey in US News

“Many young adults seem to be moving away from organized religion while simultaneously trying desperately to connect with their spirituality.”
Article written by OP-ED columnist Charles M Blow in New York Times

“Millennials may be more spiritually thirsty than older generations.”
Knights of Columbus/Marist poll being “spiritual or close to God”.

“Gen Y sees what is known as the American Dream or middle class dream as less about money and more about living a fulfilling, meaningful life.”
Article from Psychology Today

Further evidence in the rise in spirituality can be seen through brands in other categories:

Yogi Tea -How good can I feel?

Lululemon Yogawear -Friends are more important than money

Eat, Pray, Love -Anna Gilberts best selling book and movie starring Julia Roberts about spiritual travel


Searching for something meaningful

Karmaloop’s target audience is between 18 to 34 years old, with their most active audience in the 18 to 24 range. One can imagine that their strongest customer base are students or recent graduates. Their acquisition power is limited due to high student fees, or having just started their working lives paying off loans. As a result they would be more likely to engage and go out of their way “hustlin” to complete challenges in order to win prizes, rewards and recognition by their peers.

According to Ray B. Williams in Psychology Today: Gen Y has grown up naturally collaborative, talented and open-minded, flexible and they thrive on social media, all characteristics well suited to the new economy. Gen Y demands only that the workplace reflect their values--personal growth; work that is meaningful. 

Everyone encounters negativity in life, whether in the form of gossip, turmoil at work or school, breakups and other losses. Having a routine or a ritual when doing something good can help you to release negative energy and reclaim your power through good karma. It can also act as the starting point for moving in a better direction.


Why should good deeds go unnoticed?

We believe good deeds should be noticed and rewarded. Encourage your audience to do good things and reward them with Karma points through Karma Quest!

Karma Quest is an app that lets you track your karma, whether good or bad, and rewards you for deeds accomplished. Participate in challenges, rate other’s deeds and gain Karma points to either donate to charity, give to a friend or spend on KarmaLoop.

Designed to be used on the go

The symbol represents karma and the notion that whatever you do will come back to you in full circle




This is your Karma Loop. You can instantly see how you karma is today, whether good or bad

On the Karma feed you see what deeds you and others are accomplishing. You can also rate other's deeds so they get rewarded

Karma Quests is where all your favourite brands post challenges and deeds. Here you can choose which ones to participate and follow. For instance, Jeff Staple might ask you to take a photo of a pigeon for Karma points!

This is your dashboard. See how many Karma Points you have accumulated and decide if you are donating them to charity, giving it to a friend or spending it on a Jeff Staple x KarmaLoop Anniversary jacket

The Karma Tracker is essentially a leaderboard, where you can see the people with the best karma at any given time


         Why is Karma Quest a perfect fit for your audience?

  • They will take on the role of creating content through fun challenges in their local communities and sharing and engaging with the wider online KarmaLoop community.
  • They will be rewarded not only in Karma Points, which can be used for purchases at KarmaLoop, but more importantly in the form of recognition from their peers and heroes. (One of the great things about Skillshare is that we as a community get to interact and create with people like yourself, Jeff Staple and Marc Ecko).
  • Finally it encourages your audience to to go out there and do some creative good. At the same time it gives them a choice of doing good by sharing and for example giving their points to a charity to keep their karma levels up.

         Why is this good for the KarmaLoop brand?

  • It aligns with KarmaLoop’s mission statement of remaining authentic in the truest form by openly displaying your current Karma.
  • Through the app you will inspire to do good and ultimately connect with your audience in a much deeper level.
  • You will get huge amounts of original content and social media exposure.

        How can this benefit the brands under the KarmaLoop umbrella?

  • New collections from brands could be released through challenges within Karma Quest, like for instance, the Staple pigeon shooting challenge shown above, giving Karmaloop a unique new platform to grow attention and engagement when promoting partner goods.  
  • The app will provide huge amounts of data about the users, such as demographics, geography, etc.  Brands can use this data thoughtfully to better inform who their audience is and what they want.



I believe that it is important that this concept is not driven by money, and it is integral that the rewards are based on your good deeds and not how much money you spend. In my opinion companies are ultimately not companies; they are people and run by people. I would like to see you (Greg Selkoe) and all your employees actively using Karma Quest from the start; good karma or bad karma it is all there to see. This coupled with major influencers and challenges set with a few select brands will be a good start in terms of beta testing. You will be right in there engaging with your audience who are given a true impactful voice on a spiritual level through Karma Quest.



Thank you for taking the time to read through. This idea is by no means flawless, please take a stab at it, pick it apart and lets reassemble it and make it better. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback.


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