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Karma Bazaar

Meet John.

John runs a non-profit organization that works with people living in poverty with a mission to provide economic opportunities. He spends a big portion of his time raising funds for his organization through charity drives and other means.

Not all his fund raising activities meet their financial goals. Finding new donors is a challenge.

Meet John's team - Kate & Larry.

Kate & Larry run the daily operations. Among the community that John’s team works with, are low-income entrepreneurs who are being helped to find ways to attain financial freedom - and eventually get out of poverty.

Kate & Larry are constantly trying to find ways to help these entrepreneurs expand their business by helping them find more customers for their products.

Now... Meet Jane.

Jane is a socially conscious consumer who cares about her community and helps out whenever she can. 

What if… we could connect every low-income entrepreneur to reach out to all the “Jane”s in the world!

Introducing - Karma Bazaar. 

Online marketplace for the socially conscious consumer to buy goods produced by economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs.

User Stories

1. As a socially conscious shopper, I would like to shop in an online store that allows me to make a difference by creating positive impact and at the same time satisfy my consumption needs

2. As a non-profit/social enterprise leader, I would like to provide my constituents increased access to consumers in the developed markets so that they can sell more and become financially independant.

Wizard of Oz

Contact social enterprises who'd like to partner with me and help them sell some of their products on marketplaces like Amazon or Etsy. Or setup a website with just one social enterprise's products featured, take orders from consumers and pass them on to the social enterprise for shipment.


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