Karina Tess

Karina Tess - student project

Karina Tess - image 1 - student project

Thank you so much for this class, it was so helpful. I actually did not believe I would be able to finish this as it is my first time trying anything realistic, but I took my time, I was patient and I watched your videos over and over and I am very impressed with the result.

I can tell some things are off, for example the mouth I am not totally satisfied with, but the overall result I am very happy with. Thank you so much again for this very clear and motivating class. I fell in love with realist portraits thanks to you, and that is something I was always scared to try.


I did not modify the reference photo, as I was just trying out the technique and did not think so much about the composition of the picture. But I will definitely try this out on my next portraits!


Here's the reference

Karina Tess - image 2 - student project

Digital painting is amazing