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Karen Radünz

Visual Designer



Karen's Designs for Vanilla Sky

I apologize for not explaining the concepts of each poster better, but English is not my native language, so it is a little more difficult for me to communicate. Well... I hope you like it!

For this project, I chose the film Vanilla Sky. Although it has a theme that is rather abstract - a sky painted in vanilla -, the process of creating conceptual posters for it was very interesting.

For my first proposal, I developed a poster that brings the real world and the ideal dream world overlapped. Through layers of torn paper overlapped, the blue color represents the real world and the yellow tones show the ideal world of Vanilla Sky.


Vanilla Sky, a Monet painting, is an important point in the film, and it is throughout it that the protagonist creates his ideal world. So, for my second proposal, I put the world of Vanilla Sky between frames, which blends up with the background painting as a whole.


For my third proposal, by overlapping torn pieces of paper, I used the fragmented image of the mask, another recurring element in the film, scattered across the poster.


I hope you liked it! I look forward to your comments about my work.


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