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Karen Emelia Portfolio



This is what I have so far for my portfolio. I'm having trouble with converting the pages to artboards because of the masks I used. When I try to open a new document and then convert the rectangles to artboards it wont let me. I'm hoping I can get this figured out so I can see what my portfolio looks like digitally.

I have worked my portfolio over about three times. I started a new one using the double-sided template and I think I finally have it worked out. I am so excited to see all the work I have done for the last 6 months in one place.


I uploaded my portfolio on Issuu a few times in the unpublished mode to see how it looks. I had some trouble with my repeating patterns not looking quite right. Not too sure what I did wrong, but over all it looks good. Thanks Bonnie Christine. 

Here is the link to see my finished digital portfolio.

Karen Emelia Surface Pattern Design Portfolio


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